AIG Barton Shield

Manager – David Garrigan (Mobile – 0863744494)

1.General & Eligibility

a) The Shield shall be called the “Barton Shield”.

b) These Rules must be read in conjunction with the General Rules for Cups and Shields, and with the conditions for
the Provincial Qualifying Section as determined by the Branch.

c) In addition to the eligibility provisions in the General Rules for Cups and Shields, in order to be eligible to
compete in the Barton Shield, Honorary Members of golf clubs they propose to represent must have been, at some
time, a fee-paying member of the Club for a period of two years.

2. Format

a) Each team shall consist of four members.

b) The form of play is Foursomes. In Match Play rounds of the Tournament, each match shall be played over 18
holes, the aggregate of holes up to decide the winning team.

c) The full round must be played unless an overall result on holes up has already decided the event, when the
defeated team may concede the match before completion of 18 holes.

d) In the case of a tie, the second match as selected, shall immediately continue to play tie holes until a decision is
reached. The pairs contesting tie holes must maintain their respective orders of play in which they played from the
start of the match. (Penalty for breach = Loss of hole)

3. Handicaps

a) All matches must be played off scratch.

4. Sudden illness/other emergency

a) A team Captain may nominate two reserves.

b) Ref General Rule 6 – alternatively a nominated reserve pair may be placed in the same position in the team as that
occupied by the pair, one of whom has taken ill or has been withdrawn.

c) Any competitor who is unable to continue a match will forfeit the remaining holes to be played.

d) Penalty for breach of Rule 4 = Disqualification of the team concerned

AIG Barton Shield Draw 2017

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