Author: Chairperson

Special General Meeting at 7:30 PM on Tuesday 10th October 2017

Date 27th September 2017

Notice is hereby given that a Special General Meeting of the Voting Members will be held in the clubhouse, at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 10th October 2017, to transact the following business:

  1. To receive a report on the implementation to-date of the Strategic Plan.
  2. To discuss and decide on a proposal for Capital Works and Funding in relation to:
  • The third tee box / second green area
  • The third green

Brian Sherwin

Honorary Secretary

Long term Capital Expenditure Programme

Six key priorities are identified in the recently adopted Strategic Plan, with those relating to the golf course unambiguously recognised as the most critical.  Addressing these priorities requires the development of a long term capital expenditure programme with appropriate sustainable funding (i.e. a long term business plan).

This is not easy and, ultimately, will come down to a vote of confidence and an investment by members in the future of the Golf Club to enable it to address current shortcomings and maintain our course and house at a consistently acceptable quality throughout the year.

Adoption of this business plan by the members will allow COM to frame annual budgets in a programmed way that ensures that all necessary works, both on and off the course, are completed within the lifetime of the current Strategic Plan and none is overlooked because of a lack of a strategic approach.

We are not a wealthy golf club and we must generate the bulk of our income ourselves, through annual subscriptions, bar revenue and competition fees.  We do not have the luxury of a large green fee revenue stream or high entrance fees like some other clubs.

Similarly, we must finance capital projects ourselves.

COM is now finalising its business plan and we hope to be in a position to present it to members early in September.

I am confident that, on that occasion, as on many occasions in the past, COM can rely on the collective support of the members.

Have you an interest in Risk Management or Health and Safety?

Since the adoption of the Strategic Plan by the members in June a considerable number of working groups and task forces have begun working on the many actions required for its implementation.  Scoping documents have been prepared for the terms of reference of many more, and their work will begin in earnest in September.

In this regard, I am looking for volunteers who might take the lead in two very important working groups, which ideally should be independent of the Committee of Management (COM) and its sub-committees, namely Risk Management and Health and Safety.  The former will be responsible for developing the Club’s Risk Management Policy and Implementation Plan and the latter for developing the Club’s Health and Safety Policy.  In addition, they will ensure that regular risk assessment reports are made to COM, and introduce a system of regular review and proactive management of all health and safety policies, respectively.

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