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Changes to the CONGU UHS

Changes to the CONGU UHS have recently been announced. 

The changes come into effect on the 1st of January 2018.

There will be no new hard copy of the CONGU Manual, but an updated online version will be available on the CONGU website.

A full summary of the changes are posted at the following link: http://www.congu.co.uk/congu-changes-2018/

The summary represents the substantive changes for 2018; Other changes, which are largely for clarification purposes, will be highlighted in the online documentation.

Conditions of Competitions (Rule 33-1)


The Competition Committee has laid down the following conditions under which club competitions are to be played. Members as advised to know and comply with them.


The Rules of Golf, as set down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and Local Rules as made and published by the Committee shall apply to all competitions. (Players should familiarise themselves with these rules, particularly Rule 6 : Player’s Responsibility).

All players should familiarize themselves with these rules, and CONGU®  UHS (2016 – 2018) Clause 8, which also deals with Responsibilities of the Player


Only player who meet the eligibility rules for certain competitions, as laid down by the Committee, may enter those competitions. (The Committee may waive restrictions in certain circumstances).


To enter a Competition, a player must ensure that, before starting play;

(a) His name has been inserted on the official competition entry sheet and

(b)  His identifiable competition entry fee has been paid.


The player shall start:

(a) At the time laid down by the Committee or, if permitted by them

(b) At the time reserved on the advance timesheet or in the absence of  (a) and (b) above,

(c) In turn on the basis of pairing-off upon arrival.

Competitors shall remain throughout the round in the group arranged by the committee unless the Committee authorises or ratifies the change.


The conditions under which Club Match Play Competitions are to be played shall be laid down by the committee and displayed on the advance timesheets and/or draw sheets.


When timesheets are in operation, players:

(a) May reserve a maximum of four name slots (not four lines)

(b) May not have the word partners or numbers displayed (Names only to be        used).

(c) Should be present at the 1st tee and ready to play five minutes before           their starting time.

(d) Must notify their opposition and each playing partner in good time if they are withdrawing from the time sheet or competition. (Reserving a time is a commitment to play with the other players at that time slot).


The rules and allowances that shall apply for handicapping are:

Those prescribed by the Golfing Union of Ireland and set out in CONGU®  UHS (2016 – 2018) Clause 8, which deals with Responsibilities of the Player.

N.B.  In all club competitions, including Semi-Open and Open-Competitions, as organised by the committee, the only handicaps acceptable and recognised for prize eligibility, shall be for players of affiliated golf clubs.


The competition tees are those as indicated on the official competition entry sheet. The stipulated round commences from the first tee and consists of playing the holes of the course in the sequence prescribed by the committee, unless otherwise authorised by them. When novates are in operation, players must tee off from within the area of the Novatee, but not in front of the tee-markers.


The rules regarding etiquette, as contained in Section (1), The Rules of Golf, should be complied with at all times. In addition:

(a) Competitors playing in an Inter-Club or Club Championship Match should, if practical, be extended the courtesy of being called through a slower group.

(b) Players in club competitions shall have priority over others who are not competing.

(c) No more than four players are allowed to play together in one group, unless otherwise authorised by the Committee.


Players are expected to keep their place on the course by avoiding slow play. (Players are reminded that their place on the course is immediately behind the group in front – not immediately in front of the group behind. If a group fails to keep its place on the course and loses more than one clear hole on the players in front, it should invite the group following through. Slow play may be penalised under Rule 6-7 of the Rules of Golf.

  1. SCORECARDS: (RULE 33-5)

In the absence of the Committee issuing score cards containing the players name and the date of the competition, all competitors are requested by the committee to date and name their own cards. In cases where the Committee has not specifically appointed a marker to check and record a competitor’s score, a fellow competitor or another player will act as marker.

(a) A competitor should not mark or alter his scorecard. (The appointed marker is responsible for checking and recording the competitor’s score and for any alterations to the recorded score.


Any dispute or query relating to the Rules shall be referred to the Competitions Committee as soon as possible whose decision shall be final. (Rule 34-3).

  1. DECISIONS ON TIES: (Rule 33-6).

The manner in which ties are decided will be by matching the tied score cards to determine the winner based on count-back, as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrew.

  • Decide on last 9 holes – 6 – 3 – 2 – 1 and if still ties,
  • Decide on last 3 holes – 6 – 7 – 8 of the first 9

If this fails to produce a result, the winner will be decided by lot. , the last nine holes, for the purpose of deciding ties, will be from the 10th to 18th hole.


Prize winners are expected to attend prize presentations as a courtesy to our Officers and Sponsors whose generosity is much appreciated. If, due to exceptional circumstances a person is unable to be present to receive a prize, he should nominate another person to collect the prize on his behalf.


The committee reserve the right:

(a) To correct any mistakes made in the checking of score cards.

(b) To alter the published competition or conditions of same if it is deemed necessary.

(c) To cancel a competition due to insufficient entries or to postpone or abandon it at any stage in exceptional circumstances, if the Committee so decides.

Competition Committee




List of October Competitions

Revision Date:  Oct 4th 2017

Sun        1-Oct     Mens 18 Holes Singles Stableford- Hamper

Sat          7-Oct     Mens 18 Holes Fourball Stableford – Hamper

Sat          14-Oct   Mens 18 Holes Singles Stableford – Hamper

Wed      18-Oct   Mens 18 Holes Fourball Stableford – Hamper

Sun        22-Oct   Mens 18 Holes Fourball Stableford – Hamper

Wed      25-Oct   Mens 12 Holes Singles Stableford – Hamper

Note:  Hamper Competitions are subject to a minimum entry of 40 Competitors for Singles and 72 Competitors for Fourball Competitions If minimum entry is not achieved the competition will revert to a normal club competition.


  1. The Entry Fee for each Hamper Competition is €5.00 of which €3.80 goes into the prize fund.
  2. Golfers may win one Hamper during the Hamper season.
  3. A Hamper Winner if successful in any subsequent Hamper Competitions ( wins a “Voucher” to a maximum value of €50)
  4. A Hamper winner can still play in a Fourball competition and help their playing partner to win a Hamper.

Thank you,

Competitions Committee

GUI Update – Clubs set to decide on inter-club proposals


A series of questions will be put to clubs on changes to current inter-club events and the introduction of new competitions to broaden appeal at this year’s Annual Delegates’ Meetings (ADMs) in November.

The proposals for change, which will ultimately be decided upon by the Union’s member clubs at these meetings, come after a lengthy review process which involved a survey of 4,000 golfers, a focus group of 12 golf club members and a series of internal discussions between the Provincial Councils and the Union’s Rules & Competitions Committee.

In an acknowledgement of the competitive gulf between the AIG Senior and Junior Cups and the evolution of standards in these competitions since their introduction over 100 years ago, the Connacht, Leinster and Munster Provincial Councils will ask clubs to vote on a change in the handicap limit of the AIG Junior Cup from 5 to 4.

The Connacht and Munster Provincial Councils will also propose a series of motions seeking to introduce concomitant changes in the other handicap-based competitions, in which the AIG Jimmy Bruen Shield individual handicap limit would be lowered from 6 to 5, with the minimum combined handicap to be lowered from 17 to 15. A further proposal from the Munster Council would lower the AIG Pierce Purcell Shield individual handicap limit from 12 to 11, with the maximum combined handicap to be lowered from 27 to 25.

The final of these handicap-based motions will also ask clubs to vote on changes to the GUI All-Ireland Four-Ball competition, lowering the individual handicap limit from 16 to 15 and that of the pair from 36 to 34.

The Leinster Provincial Council will propose a motion seeking to amend the format of the Pierce Purcell Shield from Foursomes to Scotch Foursomes, a format where two players play from the tee with the better tee-shot then being selected and alternate shots being played from then until the completion of the hole.

In addition, the Leinster, Ulster and Connacht Provincial Councils will co-sponsor a motion seeking the introduction of a new All-Ireland inter-club competition for over-55s, while the Leinster and Connacht Councils will join together to propose a motion to introduce a new All-Ireland inter-club nett competition for junior golfers under 18 years of age, which would replace the current Junior Foursomes competition.

The Provincial Councils will publish specific rationales for the motions being proposed ahead of the meetings at which the votes will be taken. All in all, however, the motions seek to respond to an identified need for new competitions to appeal more broadly to the golfing population while enhancing the competitive profile of the current events.

Golf Club members are encouraged to discuss the proposed changes – and indeed to encourage their Clubs to propose their own should they have views on how the events should change. Clubs have already been notified of the deadline for motions by their Branch Offices – these are 16th October (Leinster), 17th October (Connacht), 18th October (Munster) and 19th October (Ulster), with each falling 42 days before the relevant ADM.

The changes will be voted on under a new voting system this year, with every club casting one ballot weighted based on the number of delegates they are entitled to send to the meeting.
In a departure from previous years, every single vote cast at each of the four Annual Delegates’ Meetings will be counted and the overall result will determine whether these changes are introduced.

The motions in full:
1. That the form of play for the AIG Pierce Purcell Shield be modified to Scotch Foursomes.
Proposed by the Leinster Provincial Council

2. That the Union introduce a new All-Ireland Seniors Inter-Club team event for golfers over the age of 55
Proposed by the Leinster, Connacht and Ulster Provincial Councils

3. That the Union introduce a new nett Under-18 Inter-Club event for five-man teams with full handicaps applying, to replace the Junior Foursomes
Proposed by the Leinster and Connacht Provincial Councils

4. That the lower handicap limit of the AIG Junior Cup be reduced from 5 to 4.
Proposed by the Connacht, Leinster and Munster Provincial Councils

5. That, in the Jimmy Bruen Shield, the handicap limits be adjusted as follows:
Lowest individual reduced from 6 to 5
Lowest combined reduced from 17 to 15
Proposed by the Connacht and Munster Provincial Councils

6. That, in the Pierce Purcell Shield, the handicap limits be adjusted as follows:
Lowest individual reduced from 12 to 11
Lowest combined reduced from 27 to 25
Proposed by the Connacht and Munster Provincial Councils

7. That, in the GUI Four-Ball Inter-Club Championship, the handicap limits be adjusted as follows:
Lowest individual reduced from 16 to 15
Lowest combined reduced from 36 to 34
Proposed by the Connacht and Munster Provincial Councils

Golfer of the Year 2017 – Update

The Final leg of the Golfer  of the Year, the September Monthly Medal will take place next Sunday 24th September.

The winner of the Golfer of the Year is based on the total number of points accumulated from a competitor’s best 7 scores from the 12 Golfer of the Year events.  In each competition 10 points are awarded if a player’s net score equals the Competition Scratch Score, with one additional point awarded for every shot better than CSS and one point deducted for every shot below CSS.

After eleven rounds of the competition the Leader board is as follows:

Rank Player Total Rounds
    Score Scored
1 Ahern, Mick 79 7
2 Barker, Ciaran 78 7
3 Alcock, Chris 70 7
4 McDermott, Brendan 68 7
5 Sherwin, Brian 65 7
6 Hogan, Liam 66 7
7 Kenny, Peter 55 6
8 O’Brien, John 66 7
9 Black, Paul 65 7
10 Sherlock, Colm 65 7

Mick Aherne is well placed to make it a double in 2017, given that he effectively has the Gross Medal of the Year “sewn up” and “In the bag”.  A slight cause for concern here however is that Mick’s 79 points were all scored in the first 7 competitions of the year and his last 3 scores have all been non-counting.  Can Mick produce the goods under pressure on the big stage next Sunday is the question on everyone’s lips?

Ciaran Barker would appear to Mick’s main threat and he started the year with a very impressive 43 points total in the first four competitions but his end-of-season form has dipped slightly with a 9 pointer in the August monthly Medal being the only real bright spot since the middle of June.  He is now only 1 point behind Mick and must be seen as a genuine contender.

The real dark horse here however must be Chris Alcock.  Having played in only one of the first five competitions and scored what can best be described as a respectable 9 points, the keys to his trophy cabinet never looked in danger of being touched for at least another year.  An incredible 57 points in 5 competitions since 5th July however has seen Chris leapfrog most of the field into a brilliant third place.  While he must be disappointed with a 4 pointer in the Centenary Trophy last week, he will be consoled by the fact that this 4 pointer effectively gives him a 5 shot advantage over Mick and Ciaran next week, but he will still have to produce a 14 pointer if he wants to lift the trophy.

Congratulations to Paul Daniels who produced the best score of the year to date, a magical 18 points in the August Monthly Medal.  In all 287 players have completed and the full table of scores is available here. GOY Table

Gross Medal of the Year 2017

The Final leg of the Gross Medal of the Year, the September Monthly Medal will take place next Sunday 24th September.

Because of the cancellation of the St. Patricks Cup in March, this competition kicked off with the April Monthly Medal and has been keenly contested along the way.   The only requirement for qualification is that competitors must have competed in 7 of the 12 GOY strokes competitions.  Eleven have now been completed and the top of the table looks like this:

Rank Player Total Rounds Average
    Score Played Score
1 Ahern, Mick 521 7 74.43
2 Lewis, Kingsley 543 7 77.57
3 O’Brien, John 545 7 77.86
4 McNally, Eddie 549 7 78.43
5 Byrne, Paul 549 7 78.43
6 Garrigan, David 551 7 78.71
7 Ward, David 562 7 80.29
8 Kenny, Peter 564 7 80.57
9 Daniels, Paul 484 6 80.67
10 Coleman, Martin 566 7 80.86


While this may at first glance appear to be a “done deal” given that Mick Aherne has a clear lead, Kingsley Lewis is not necessarily completely out of the picture.  If he can find the course record form of a few years ago and post a first ever Skerries Golf Club 59 he will be able to drop the 81 recorded in the June Medal and assuming that Mick doesn’t improve on his lowest score of 78 in the Holmpatrick Cup, this would leave both players tied on a score of 543.  If Kingsley can go even one better and record a 58 he may even win the trophy outright.  Suffice if to say however that Paddy Power are refusing to take bets on this one.

Second place is up for grabs and John O’Brien has some work to do to pass Kingsley given that he also has an 81 to discard.  Paul Byrne too may also have something to say on this.  An 86 in the Holmpatrick Cup may seem like a disadvantage, but if he can produce the form that we all know he can in next weeks finale, dropping the 86 for something in the 70’s could easily propel him into the silver medal position. (For the record, I don’t believe there is an actual Silver Medal for second place)

In all 121 players have completed 6 rounds or more at this stage in the competition and the full table of scores is available Table

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