FBD Barton Cup

Managers – Paul O’Neill (mobile 0862752266), Miley Plunkett (mobile 0861239176) and Jim Kenny (mobile 0858504052)

1. The Cup shall be called the “Barton Inter-Club Challenge Cup” and shall be competed for annually.

2. The Tournament shall be under the control of Leinster Golf. The Provincial Council of Leinster Golf shall appoint a Championship Committee which shall be responsible for the organisation and management of the Tournament and its decision shall be final on all matters relating thereto including acceptance of entries.

3. The Tournament is open to all Clubs situate in the Province of Leinster and affiliated to the Golfing Union of Ireland. Each Club shall be entitled to enter one team.

4. Each team shall consist of ten members and play shall be by Foursomes match play. All matches shall be played off scratch.

5. The combined handicap of any pair shall not be lower than 14.

6. For the purpose of this Tournament the handicap applicable shall be deemed to be the lowest playing handicap held by a player during the preceding calendar year.

7. In order to be eligible to compete in the tournament, a player shall have, in the calendar year prior to the event, returned a minimum of four returns in qualifying competitions all of which must be recorded on the handicap records of the player’s home club on or before 31st December in the calendar year prior to the event. Note: If a player changes his club during the previous calendar year, it is his responsibility to produce evidence of having competed in a minimum of four Qualifying Competitions.

8. The result of the matches shall be determined by matches won and each match shall be played to a finish unless an overall result has been determined.

9. The Tournament will be played in accordance with the draw between dates to be fixed each year.

10. The respective Captains of the two teams about to engage in a match shall interchange simultaneously the names of members of their teams in their order of play, together with the names of reserves, not less than 30 minutes before the start of the match. In addition, a copy of the “Cups & Shields Handicap Report” generated from Golfnet which provides evidence of the lowest handicap held and the number of qualifying scores for each member of the team, in the previous calendar year, must be exchanged with the team sheet between the team managers. If the report is not available on the day of the match, it must be forwarded to the opposing Team Captain and Branch Office within one working day. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to the disqualification of the team concerned.

11. Except in the case of sudden illness or other emergency which is considered by the two Captains or, in the Final, the Branch Official, to be sufficient justification, no alteration can be made in the matter of players or in the order of play.

12. Reserves taking the place of players after the team has been fixed shall be placed in the same position in the team as that occupied by the player who has taken ill or has been withdrawn. Alternatively a pair may be placed in the same position in the team as that occupied by the pair one of whom has taken ill or has been withdrawn.

13. In each round, except in the final, the competing teams shall on the same day, play three matches on the course of one of the teams and two matches on the course of the other team. The course on which the three matches shall be played shall be on the course of the club drawn first in each round.

14. The final shall be played as a home and away match on dates to be arranged by the Provincial Council. In the event of a tie after the second leg of the final, the number one pairing that has played in the second leg shall immediately play match play over three holes in sequence prescribed by the Branch before the final. If still tied shall engage in a sudden death play-off over the same prescribed holes.

15. In the event of any round falling on or near a date fixed for any other Union Tournament, the Provincial Council may alter the dates for the playing of those rounds and the Clubs concerned must abide by its decision.

16. The Cup shall be held by the club whose team shall win each year, and such club shall be responsible for its safe custody and return to the Leinster Golf Office before the day of the final in the following year. The winning club shall also receive a Pennant. The runner-up club shall receive a plaque. All other prizes shall be determined by the Championship Committee.

17. A team Captain is permitted to give advice to his team during the course of play, with the exception of giving advice on the putting green, or pointing out a line for putting. A Team Captain playing in the competition may not give advice to a team member, other than his partner until after completion of his match. Penalty: Match Play – loss of each hole at which the infringement occurs, to a maximum of two holes. Any further breach will lead to the disqualification of the player(s).

18. The penalty for breach of Rules 5, 6, 7, 11 or 12 shall be disqualification of the team concerned. Note: These Rules must be read in conjunction with the General Rules for Cups & shields.

FBD Barton Cup Draw 2017

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