Month: December 2017

Mens Competition Results for 31/12/2017

Mens 9 Hole Single Stableford

31 December 2017
CSS Non-Qualifing
Entry: 67
1st Gerry Lloyd (H/Cap 16) 22 Pts Last 6  
2nd Paul Sloan (H/Cap 7) 22 Pts Last 3  
3rd David Ward (H/Cap 5) 22 Pts    
Two’s Competition
Paul Sloan on the 12 Hole  
David Ward on the 2 Hole  
Frank Rogan on the 2 Hole  
Anthony Hand on the 2 Hole  
Two’s Entry: 21
Weather: Damp and Dull

Mens Competition Results for 27/12/2017

Mens 9 Hole Single Stableford

27 December 2017
CSS Non-Qualifing
Entry: 91
1st Harry Daniels (H/Cap 12) 25 Pts    
2nd Harry McHugh (H/Cap 1) 23 Pts Last 6  
3rd Des. Kelly (H/Cap 14) 23 Pts    
4th Brian Leonard (H/Cap 5) 22 Pts Last 6  
5th David Smith (H/Cap 19) 22 Pts Last 2  
Two’s Competition
Anthony Hand on the 7 Hole  
Des. Whyte on the 2 Hole  
Two’s Entry: 17
Weather: Perfect golfing day

Christmas Opening Hours

The club’s opening hours for the Christmas period are as follows –

Office –

  • Closed from 4pm Friday 22nd December 2017 to 10am, Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Bar and Catering –

  • 26th December. Bar open from 11 to 1 with no catering.

Normal bar services from 27th onwards but catering will be limited to Breakfasts, Soup and Sandwiches, with full service returning on Sunday 31st.

Pro-Shop –

  • Closed from 12pm, 24th December 2017 and 25th December 2017.

The Committee of Management would like to wish all our members a very happy Christmas and a happy and successful New Year.

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