Month: October 2018

Mens Competition Results for 31/10/2018

Mens 9 Hole Single Stableford WEDNESDAY’S

31 October 2018
CSS Non-Qualifing
Entry: 74
1st Eddie .Ryan (H/Cap 13) 21 Pts Last 3   
2nd Brian Sherwin (H/Cap 16) 21 Pts Last 2   
3rd Paul Kenny (H/Cap 17) 21 Pts     
  Match Play Semi Final         
  Peter McNally V Cyril Delaney         
  Eddie. Ryan V Liam O’Neill         
  Last Competition On 5/12/18         
  Reminder Subs Are Due         
Paul Sloan (H/Cap 6) 14  Pts Last 6 
Two’s Competition
Paul Sloan on the 7 Hole 
Eddie. Ryan on the 7 Hole 
Two’s Entry: 74
Sponsor: Chris Alcock Mick Hanrahan Dick Lanigan Noel Russell

Mens Competition Results for 31/10/2018

Mens 18 Hole Fourball Stableford

31 October 2018

Entry: 143
1st Eddie Ryan (Hamper) (H/Cap 13)       
  Liam O’Neill (Hamper) (H/Cap 18) 33 Pts     
2nd Des Cunnane (H/Cap 18)      
  James O’Mahoney (H/Cap 31) 32 Pts Last 6  
3rd Cormac Greene (H/Cap 13)      
  Fergus Murray (H/Cap 19) 32 Pts Last 3  
4th Larry Mooney (H/Cap 21)      
  Pat Horan (H/Cap 16) 32 Pts    
5th Sean Shanley (H/Cap 13)      
  Cyril Delaney (H/Cap 22) 31 Pts Last 6  
Mens 9 Hole Singles
1st Felix O’Toole (H/Cap 20) 22 Pts   30  

2nd Paul Kenny (H/Cap 17) 21 Pts   15  

Entry: 38
Two’s Competition
Chris Alcock on the 12 Hole  
John Beggs on the 12 Hole  
Seamus Garrigan on the 12 Hole  
Paul Sloan on the 7 Hole  
Two’s Entry: 30
Weather: Dull

Ladies Competition Results for 30/10/2018

Ladies 12 Hole Single Stableford

30 October 2018
CSS Non-Qualifing
Entry: 68
1st Loreto Lynch (H/Cap 37) 25 Pts    
Class 1
1st Mary Kenny (H/Cap 11) 21 Pts Last 6  
2nd Nuala MacMahon (H/Cap 20) 21 Pts    

Class 2
1st Yvonne Daniels (H/Cap 24) 24 Pts    
2nd Eilish Kevitt (H/Cap 27) 23 Pts Last 6  

Class 3
1st Catriona Smartt (H/Cap 35) 22 Pts    
2nd Mary McCarthy (H/Cap 32) 21 Pts    

Ladies 9 Hole Singles
1st Moya Gorey (H/Cap 37) 19 Pts   15  

Entry: 14

Mixed Open Competition Results for 29/10/2018

Mixed Semi-Open 12 Hole 4 Person Team

29 October 2018

Entry: 91
1st Seamus Mulholland (H/Cap 18) 61 Pts Last 6  
  Rhona Mulholland (H/Cap 40)      
  Noel Finnigan (H/Cap 18)      
  Mary Finnigan (H/Cap 34)      
2nd Fergal Lynch (H/Cap 12) 61 Pts    
  Loreto Lynch (H/Cap 37)      
  Elaine McGloughlin (H/Cap 22)      
  Philip McGloughlin (H/Cap 15)      
Mens 9 Hole Singles
  Insufficient Entry         

Entry: 3
Two’s Competition
Paul Kenny on the 7 Hole  
Gerry Lloyd on the 12 Hole  
Stan Pyke on the 2 Hole  
Two’s Entry: 18
15 Visitors Played 
11 Clubs Represented
Weather: Cold and Dry

Mens Competition Results for 28/10/2018

Mens 12 Hole Single Stableford

28 October 2018
CSS Non-Qualifing
Entry: 141
1st Brendan Fagan (H/Cap 22) 29 Pts Last 3  
2nd Paul Branagan (H/Cap 10) 29 Pts    
3rd Brian Woodlock (H/Cap 18) 27 Pts Last 6  
  Hole In One – Tony Dorris 2nd Hole         
Eddie McNally (H/Cap 2) 23  Pts Last 6 
Class 1
1st Michael Plunkett (H/Cap 6) 26 Pts Last 6  

Class 2
1st Ian McGloughlin (H/Cap 13) 26 Pts    

Class 3
1st Norman Deering (H/Cap 17) 25 Pts Last 5  

Class 4
1st Peter Donnelly (H/Cap 22) 27 Pts    

Mens 9 Hole Singles
1st Paul Kenny (H/Cap 17) 19 Pts Last 6 0  

Entry: 20
Two’s Competition
Brendan Dunne on the 12 Hole  
Louis Dwyer on the 12 Hole  
Robert Gaffney on the 7 Hole  
John O’Brien on the 2 Hole  
Celly Toye on the 2 Hole  
Two’s Entry: 36
Weather: Dry, bright and fresh day

Mens Competition Results for 27/10/2018

Mens 12 Hole Fourball Stableford

27 October 2018

Entry: 90
1st Jim Wolfe (H/Cap 18) 29 Pts Last 3  
  Shay Andrews (H/Cap 29)      
2nd Stephen Kelly (H/Cap 18) 29 Pts    
  Padraig Kelly (H/Cap 8)      
3rd Des Hamill (H/Cap 11) 28 Pts    
  Maurice Cussins (H/Cap 16)      
Mens 9 Hole Singles
1st Joe McGovern (H/Cap 17) 18 Pts   25  

Entry: 22
Two’s Competition
Ian Mc Gloughlin on the 7 Hole  
Two’s Entry: 32
Weather: Very Cold and Breezy

Members Update – Thursday 25th October 2018

Skerries Golf Club News –

Just a few matters to make you aware of –


My apologies, I was away unexpectedly– but belated congratulations to our Incoming Vice-Captains, namely Austin Gill and Trudy Henry.


This years End of Year Presentation, takes place this Saturday, the 27th October at 20.00 hours.

Our Caterer Tommy Fitzgerald has a fabulous three course menu followed by Tea/Coffee on offer that evening at just 25€ per person, to book your table please contact the Caterer directly on 01 849 3135.


Some of you may already be aware but a number of members have asked recently about the Members Survey Results, these are actually on the Club web site and may be viewed at your leisure.


The Dublin Marathon takes place this Sunday and our very own Izzy Ryan from the Bar is running in aid of St. Michaels House, an excellent and worthy cause. Many of you have already sponsored Izzy, but in case you haven’t or weren’t aware he was running, there are sponsorship forms displayed in the Bar and Spike Bar.

Izzy would welcome your support by way of sponsorship and your encouragement. If you are watching and see him on the day, please give him a big cheer!


Please note that the clocks go back one hour this Sunday, the 28th October at 02.00 hours; that’s Saturday night going into Sunday morning.


As from Thursday the 1st November, please note that both the Restaurant and Bar will be closed all day on Monday and Thursdays.


*Saturday 27th October – End of Year Prize Giving
*Saturday 1st December – Ladies Christmas Dinner
*Friday 7th December – Christmas Party Night
*Saturday 8th December – Member Christmas
*Saturday 15th December – Christmas Party Night
*Tuesday 1st January 2019 – Captain’s Drive In

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