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New Handicap System will come into operation on 2nd November 2020


The governing bodies of amateur golf in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales are delighted to announce that they have signed the licence for the new World Handicap System (WHS) which will come into operation on November 2, 2020.
As members of the Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU), the Golfing Union of Ireland, the Irish Ladies Golf Union, England Golf, Scottish Golf and Wales Golf have supported The R&A and USGA in planning for the new system.
The current Golf Handicapping System maintained by CONGU will be replaced by WHS which will unify the six different handicapping structures currently in operation throughout the world of golf.

For the first time, handicap systems worldwide will be substituted by a global system where golfers will obtain and maintain a handicap and use this on any course around the world. In addition, they will be able to compete or simply play a casual round with fellow golfers anywhere on a fair and equal basis.
As well as encouraging players new to the sport to obtain a handicap with ease, the WHS will also modernise the game for those already well versed in the game of golf.
Under the new system a player’s handicap will be based on the average of eight best scores from their last 20 rounds. WHS will also take into account factors currently not fully represented in the existing handicapping procedure through a course and slope rating system.

Sinead Heraty, Chief Executive of the ILGU said: “The Irish Ladies Golf Union and the Golfing Union of Ireland are delighted that the new World Handicap System will come into practice in November 2020.
“The transition from an incremental system to an averaging one will be period of great change, however once a planned education process is complete, the new system will make handicapping much more consistent globally.”

Pat Finn, CEO of the Golfing Union of Ireland added: “We look forward to meeting with our member clubs over the coming months to outline the World Handicap System. With CONGU adopting the system for Ireland and Great Britain from late next year we need to ensure golfers across Ireland are prepared for the change.”

CONGU, the USGA, Golf Australia, the European Golf Association (EGA), the South African Golf Association (SAGA) and the Argentine Golf Association (AAG) represent around 15 million golfers in 80 countries who currently maintain a handicap.
The aligning of all six handicapping authorities behind WHS is a hugely significant step in the modernisation of golf across the globe.
WHS has been introduced under the auspices of the USGA and The R&A.

Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive of The R&A said: “The R&A’s purpose is to ensure golf is thriving in 50 years’ time and WHS is one of the key ways in which we can ensure the long-term health of the sport.
“We all want to encourage more people to take up golf and having a handicap which provides an accurate measure of playing ability is one of the best ways of achieving that.”

Further information about the new World Handicap System can be found via The R&A website at


Alan Kelly
Communications & Academy Manager
Golfing Union of Ireland

Mens 18 Hole Fourball Stableford Results for 29/09/2019

Mens 18 Hole Fourball Stableford

29 September 2019

Entry: 102
1st Anthony Doyle (H/Cap 10) 45 Pts    
  Alan Early (H/Cap 13)      
2nd Paul Woodlock (H/Cap 16) 44 Pts Last 9  
  Stephen Kelly (H/Cap 16)      
3rd Eoin Mooney (H/Cap 7) 44 Pts Last 2  
  Derek Finnegan (H/Cap 12)      
Mens 9 Hole Singles
1st John Wolfe (H/Cap 20) 19 Pts   10  

Entry: 11
Two’s Competition
Paul Branagan on the 12 Hole  
David Ward on the 2 Hole  
Michael Weldon on the 2 Hole  
Mick Ahern on the 7 & 12 Hole  
Michael Plunkett on the 12 Hole  
Joe Keenan on the 15 Hole  
Two’s Entry: 27
Weather: Warm Breezy Day

Mixed Open 9 Hole Scotch Foursomes Strokes Results for 28/09/2019

Mixed Open 9 Hole Scotch Foursomes Strokes

28 September 2019

Entry: 80
1st John McInerney (H/Cap 12) 28.25 Nett     
  Maire Keogh (H/Cap 33)       
2nd Ciara Boylan (H/Cap 13) 32 Nett     
  Michael Dockery (H/Cap 14)       
3rd Anto Hand (H/Cap 14) 32.5 Nett     
  Sylvia Alcock (H/Cap 18)       
4th Paul Boyd (H/Cap 12) 32.75 Nett     
  Antoinette Boyd (H/Cap 35)       
5th Robert Keogh (H/Cap 21) 33.5 Nett     
  Joan Keogh (H/Cap 20)       
Sponsor Prize Paul Sloan (H/Cap 7) 34.25 Nett     
  Derval Sloan (H/Cap 18)       
6th Diarmuid McHugh (H/Cap 19) 33.5 Nett     
  Patricia Cunningham (H/Cap 25)       
7th Harry Daniels (H/Cap 15) 33.75 Nett Last 6   
  Yvonne Daniels (H/Cap 24)       
8th Camilla McLoughlin (H/Cap 21) 33.75 Nett     
  Michael O’Connor (H/Cap 18)       
9th Brendan Barden (H/Cap 19) 34 Nett Last 6   
  Rena Barden (H/Cap 25)       
10th Derek Williams (H/Cap 21) 34 Nett     
  Liz Williams (H/Cap 21)       
11th Mick Ahern (H/Cap 2) 34.25 Nett     
  Ann Ahern (H/Cap 31)       
12th Tony O’Brien (H/Cap 17) 34.5 Nett     
  Joan O’Brien (H/Cap 19)       
13th Tony Carroll (H/Cap 18) 34.5 Nett     
  Helen Carroll (H/Cap 44)       
14th Stephen Halpin (H/Cap 12) 34.75 Nett     
  Cynthia Halpin (H/Cap 25)       
15th Hilda Cussen (H/Cap 25) 35.75 Nett     
  Maurice Cussen (H/Cap 27)       
0 Visitors Played 
0 Clubs Represented
Weather: Nice Golf Weather
Sponsor: Final Open Mixed of 2019

Lady Captains Charity18 Hole 3 Person Rumble Results for 24/09/2019

Lady Captains Charity18 Hole 3 Person Rumble

24 September 2019

Entry: 20
1st Moya Gorey (H/Cap 36) 87 Pts     
  Caitriona Smartt (H/Cap 35)       
  Loreto Lynch (H/Cap 36)       
2nd Marie Loughrey (H/Cap 28) 76 Pts     
  Peggy O’Sullivan (H/Cap 26)       
  Jean Whyte (H/Cap 32)       
3rd Grainne O’Connor (H/Cap 10) 75 Pts     
  Joanne Grimes (H/Cap 22)       
  Mary Brown (H/Cap 29)       
Ladies 9 Hole Singles
1st Joan O’Brien (H/Cap 19) 18 Pts On Tie   

2nd Genevieve O’Grady (H/Cap 19) 18 Pts     

Entry: 18
Sponsor: Hilda Cussen & Mary Paul Mulligan

Mens 18 Hole 4 Person Team Results for 28/09/2019

Mens 18 Hole 4 Person Team

28 September 2019

Entry: 64
1st Joe Grimes (H/Cap 7) 94 Pts    
  Michael Cauldwell (H/Cap 17)      
  Jonny Kennefick (H/Cap 15)      
  James McManus (H/Cap 16)      
Mens 9 Hole Singles
  Insufficent Entry         

Entry: 9
Two’s Competition
No Returns Carried over 26 Euro on the 
Two’s Entry: 13
Weather: Perfect Day

Mens Invite18 Hole Single Stableford Results for 25/09/2019

Mens Invite18 Hole Single Stableford

25 September 2019
CSS 72
Visitor CSS 72
Entry: 121
1st Alan Early (H/Cap 15) 42 Pts    
2nd Mark Bradshaw (H/Cap 20) 37 Pts    
Dan Lamont (H/Cap 5) 30  Pts  
Class 1
1st Jason Jenkinson (H/Cap 10) 36 Pts    

Class 2
1st John Lennon (H/Cap 14) 36 Pts Last 6  

Class 3
1st Michael Sweeney (H/Cap 17) 36 Pts Last 3  

Class 4
1st Joe Hilliard (H/Cap 20) 36 Pts    

Mens 9 Hole Singles
1st Pat. O’ Connor (H/Cap 24) 23 Pts   20  

Entry: 23
Two’s Competition
Paul Kenny on the 2 Hole  
Seamus Garrigan on the 7 Hole  
Mark Walls on the 15 Hole  
Two’s Entry: 25
0 Visitors Played 
0 Clubs Represented
Weather: Dull

Mens 9 Hole Single Stableford Wedenesday’s Results for 25/09/2019

Mens 9 Hole Single Stableford Wedenesday’s

25 September 2019
CSS Non-Qualifing
Entry: 66
1st Mark Bradshaw (H/Cap 20) 20 Pts Last 6   
2nd Des. Kelly (H/Cap 14) 20 Pts Last 6   
3rd Diarmuid McHugh (H/Cap 19) 20 Pts Last 6   
  Next Weeks Sponsor         
  Brian Sherwin President (Alliance Insurance Co.)         
Paul Sloan (H/Cap 7) 14  Pts  
Two’s Competition
Seamus Garrigan on the 
Brian Humphries on the 
Paul Kenny on the 
Stephen O’ Sullivan on the 
Two’s Entry: 66
Sponsor: Tom Barrett Peter Lamont Gerry Thornton

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