Month: September 2020

Captain’s Charity Draw Results

Captain’s Austin and Trudy would like to thank everyone that supported the recent draw by donating prizes and buying tickets.

Your generosity has raised funds for the club and also € 2,256 for the Skerries Branch of the Saint Vincent De Paul.


The following is the list of Winners and the prizes they chose.


1st      Denis Collins                    Signed Dublin Football 5 in a row winning All Ireland Jersey

2nd     Robert Fox                                    € 1,000

3rd      Geraldine Neary              Miele CM6350 Coffee Machine

4th      Eddie McNally                Tayto Park Vouchers

5th      Seamas Mulholland        2 Nights B&B stay in Carna Bay Hotel , Co Galway

6th     Helen Clarke                     Framed Painting by Grainne O’Connor

7th     Joe McGovern                  Skerries Logo Golf Travel Bag

8th     Max Wensbo                    Box of Wine donated by Eurospar Skerries

9th     Marie Keogh                     Dedicated Car Park space for 2021

10th   James Murphy                  Fourball Voucher for Rathfarnham Golf Club

11th   Dermot McHugh              Voucher for Blue Restaurant Skerries

12th   Jane Branagan                  Fourball Voucher for Co Meath( Trim) Golf Club

13th   Kevin Kane                        Framed Limited edition of 2006 Ryder Cup stamps signed by Des Smyth

14th   Des Cunnane                    2 Bottles Wine

15th   John McGuirk                   2 Bottles Wine

16th   David T Ryan                    Bottle Vodka

17th   Caitriona Smartt              Indoor Putting Set

18th   Mary Taaffe                      Indoor Putting Set

Congratulations to all of the winners.

Austin & Trudy

Club Captains

Holmpatrick Cup Results for 20/09/2020

Holmpatrick Cup

20 September 2020
CSS 73
Entry: 185
1st Jim Kenny (H/Cap 11) 67 Nett    
2nd Jason Rogan (H/Cap 5) 68 Nett    
3rd Joe Coleman (H/Cap 11) 70 Nett    
F9 John McLoughlin (H/Cap 12) 34 Nett    
B9 Mal O’Sullivan (H/Cap 18) 33 Nett Last 6  
Jason Rogan (Indicative Only) (H/Cap 5) 73  
Class 1
1st David McConvey (H/Cap 9) 71 Nett Last 6  
2nd Terry McBrien (H/Cap 11) 71 Nett Last 9  

Class 2
1st Nick Sharkey (H/Cap 14) 71 Nett    
2nd Cecil Keaveney (H/Cap 15) 73 Nett Last 9  

Class 3
1st Gary Mulholland (H/Cap 16) 71 Nett    
2nd Tony Tighe (H/Cap 17) 74 Nett Last 6  

Class 4
1st Robert Richardson (H/Cap 21) 72 Nett Last 9  
2nd David O’Reilly (H/Cap 21) 72 Nett    

Mens 9 Hole Singles
1st Austin Gill (H/Cap 13) 17 Pts   15  

Entry: 18
Two’s Competition
EddieMcNally on the 12 Hole  
Anthony Hand on the 7 Hole  
Graham Cullen on the 2 Hole  
Jason Rogan on the 12, 15 Hole  
Conor Power on the 7, 15 Hole  
Two’s Entry: 68
Weather: Lovely day for golf

Ladies 18 Hole 4 PersonScramble 2 scores to count Results for 19/09/2020

Ladies 18 Hole 4 PersonScramble 2 scores to count

Saturday 19 September 2020

Entry: 26
1st Joan Kehoe (H/Cap 19) 84 Pts     
  Joanne Kinsella (H/Cap 14)       
  Joan O’brien (H/Cap 20)       
  Genevieve O’Grady (H/Cap 20)       
Ladies 9 Hole Singles
  Insufficient Entries         

Entry: 3
Two’s Competition
Sylvia Alcock on the 2 Hole  
Two’s Entry: 9

Mens 18 Hole 4 Person Team Results for 19/09/2020

Mens 18 Hole 4 Person Team

19 September 2020

Entry: 122
1st Paul Wilde (H/Cap 15)      
  Ronan Horan (H/Cap 17)      
  Darragh Redmond (H/Cap 27)      
  Tom Leach (H/Cap 19) 95 Pts    
2nd Austin Gill (H/Cap 13)      
  Mal O’Sullivan (H/Cap 18)      
  Kealan Rock (H/Cap 18)      
  John Wolfe (H/Cap 21) 93 Pts    
Mens 9 Hole Singles
1st Darragh Redmond (H/Cap 27) 21 Pts Last 6 10  

Entry: 13
Two’s Competition
Ivan Cole on the 12 Hole  
Two’s Entry: 29
Weather: Lovely Day

Skerries Golf Classic – 4 Person Team Results for 18/09/2020

Skerries Golf Classic – 4 Person Team

18 September 2020

Entry: 146
1st Damien Dunne (H/Cap 27) 89 Pts     
  Muir O’Loghlen (H/Cap 25)       
  Joe Grimes (H/Cap 8)       
  Nick Keating (H/Cap 24)       
2nd Patrick Loughman (H/Cap 17) 87 Pts     
  Paul Dunne (H/Cap 11)       
  Dave Verdon (H/Cap 16)       
  Peter Callaghan (H/Cap 15)       
3rd Stephen Kelly (H/Cap 16) 86 Pts     
  Conor Mullaney (H/Cap 11)       
  Gerry Finn (H/Cap 10)       
  Dominic Dudley (H/Cap 18)       
4th Peter Lamont (H/Cap 15) 85 Pts Last 9   
  Ethan McGarry (H/Cap 4)       
  Gerry Thornton (H/Cap 16)       
  Suzanne Roy (H/Cap 32)       
  Nearest the Pin (2nd) – Robin Hayes         
  Nearest the Pin (12th) – Daniel Williams         
Weather: Dry and Breezy
Sponsor: Alliance Insurance Brokers

Statement from ILGU & GUI re Dublin Under Level 3 Restrictions


18th SEPTEMBER 2020

Following the Irish Government’s announcement today in relation to increased restrictions due to COVID-19, golf clubs and golfers located in Dublin City and County must adhere to the following:

  • Golfers residing within Dublin must not travel outside their county of residence to play golf

  • Golfers residing outside Dublin must not travel to the county to play golf

  • Clubs may continue activities which are qualifying for handicapping purposes but all participants must abide by the domestic travel restrictions at Level 3 (see first two points above).

  • All-Ireland GUI Inter-Club matches are covered by separate guidance which has been issued separately by GUI Leinster Golf to clubs involved.

  • Members, their guests and staff with colds or any symptoms of COVID-19 must stay away from the golf course/clubhouse

  • Physical distancing rules are observed by all members and their guests at all times in the car park, clubhouse and on the course.

  • Personnel are on hand to monitor adherence with physical distancing rules and the rules for golfers set out in this document.

  • Tee times are booked in advance online or over the telephone. Clubs must ensure that players names (including members’ guests) are recorded on timesheets and timesheets must be kept for a period of at least 6 weeks to assist with contact tracing should the need arise.

  • Daily timesheets are restricted to a minimum of 8, 9 or 10 minute intervals. Clubs may only choose one interval for each day. If clubs choose 8+ minute intervals, play is restricted to 2 golfers per start time. If clubs choose 9+ minutes, up to 3 golfers may play per start time. If clubs choose 10+ minutes, up to 4 golfers may play per start time.

  • Those aged 70 years and over and the medically vulnerable should exercise judgement regarding the extent to which they engage with others and in activities outside home. Specific Government guidance will be provided.

  • Training: Outdoors – non-contact training only in pods of up to 15. Indoors – individual training only.
  • All cafes and restaurants, including bars operating as restaurants, should only offer takeaway or delivery, or outdoor dining (maximum 15 people with strict physical distancing – please consult for details).

  • Clubhouse access should be confined to use of toilet facilities (provided they can be kept clean) and initial retrieval of golf equipment from lockers. If toilet facilities are open, clubs should adopt a one-in, one-out approach.
  • There are no social gatherings, of any size, at the facility.

  • Players are instructed not to touch the flag or flagstick.

  • Rakes are removed from the course. Players are requested to smooth bunkers using their feet or a club. (See Appendix 2 as previously published for measures which can be taken in qualifying situations)

  • Hire trolleys (electric and pull trolleys) must be sanitised prior to each use.

  • Caddies are not permitted (exception: where the group of golfers and the caddies are from the same household).

Alan Kelly

Communications & Academy Manager

Golfing Union of Ireland

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