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Golf Ireland essential to save a game in decline

On 19 January 2019, the GUI and ILGU will decide their future. Each union will ask their member clubs to vote on the Golf Ireland proposal (see www.onegoverningbody.com for full proposal and club support material)
Golf has been in decline for more than a decade in Ireland.
Time’s up.
Golf as a game is not meeting the needs of modern society and across the globe, the game’s governing bodies have been fighting this challenge.
Today, Ireland stands alone as the only country in the world to have two separate governing bodies for men’s and women’s golf. Globally, golf has embraced equality and inclusivity. Through the proposal to create Golf Ireland, now the island of Ireland is poised to follow suit by establishing modern governance structures and embarking on a progressive strategy.
Three years ago the Golfing Union of Ireland and the Irish Ladies Golf Union began work on the development of a new single governing body for golf in Ireland. Together both unions have proudly served Irish golf for more than 125 years but both bodies recognised the need for change in order to revitalise the game. After careful deliberation and extensive consultation with all of golf’s stakeholders, the GUI and ILGU delivered their proposal for Golf Ireland in August 2018. Clubs across the island of Ireland are now being asked for their approval so that Golf Ireland can become a reality.
Naturally, clubs and their members have been scrutinising the proposal. So what will Golf Ireland mean for you and your club?
1. What will Golf Ireland mean for me?
A secure future for the game you love. Clubs will benefit from increased support and funding; and you become part of a family-friendly, inclusive sporting organisation that meets the demands of modern golf.
2. Why do I need Golf Ireland? 
Clubs and club members have been hit hard in recent years. If we don’t act now, golf will remain in decline. We need to change the way we run golf for the good of the game. With the game restored to good health, golf can thrive again.
3. How much will it cost for me to be part of Golf Ireland? 
For the first two years of Golf Ireland, the costs are set in stone. Affiliation fees for adults will be fixed at €24 in Ireland and £20 in Northern Ireland. Fees for juniors will be €5 and £3.50.
As Ryder Cup winning captain Paul McGinley noted in his letter to golf clubs supporting the creation of Golf Ireland: “This is golf’s way of responding to the needs of golfers in modern society.”
At present there are 183,000 members of GUI and ILGU clubs across Ireland, which represents a fall of 25% since the mid-2000s. The founders of the GUI and ILGU were sporting pioneers, putting in place structures that would be imitated the world over. Both unions remain as ambitious as they were at the beginning and Golf Ireland, which has been many years in the making, is the result of a careful and courageous mission to meet the needs of golf and golfers in this modern age.

Special general deferral

Dear Member,
Following the Information Meeting held earlier this week on Wednesday 7 November 2018, the Committee of Management would like to thank those members in attendance. The information session was well received and certainly provided a positive platform for information sharing and exchange of views. Having listened to the members feedback and input at the meeting, the Committee of Management has now decided not to proceed with the planned SGM on Monday 12 November 2018 and instead to withdraw all previously notified motions and defer to the AGM in December where new motions will be put forward for approval by the membership. Thank you for your continuing support.

Yours sincerely

Terry O’Neill
Honorary Secretary

Golf Ireland – One Governing Body – Podcast

Dear Member

The GUI and ILGU have published a proposal for a single governing body for golf in Ireland. Clubs will vote on this proposal in January 2019.

To give a better understanding on what the new body will do and how it will be for the good of the game, Pat Finn (CEO, GUI) and Sinead Heraty (CEO, ILGU) took part in a recent podcast where they answered questions from golfers about the plan.

We encourage you to listen to the podcast on one of the channels below:

Golfnet: https://www.golfnet.ie/news/golfnet/3711/golf-ireland-ceo-interview-listen-now

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/golfingunionofireland/videos/1967725993293003/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/guigolf/golf-ireland-for-the-good-of-the-game

If you have questions about the proposal that you would like the CEO’s to address in a future podcast, please email your questions to   podcast@gui.ie

Many thanks.

Special General Meeting – Preliminary Notification

I would like to give you preliminary notice of a Special General Meeting to be held on Monday 12th November 2018 at 7.30pm in the Clubhouse.

I would also like to inform you that an Information Meeting will be held next Wednesday 7th November at 7.30pm in the Clubhouse to outline to members the context and rationale for the Special General Meeting.

Formal notification of the Special General Meeting , stating the precise nature of the business to be transacted will be forwarded to members shortly.

Terry O’Neill
Honorary Secretary


The final 9-Hole Mixed Competition and Presentation will take place on for 2018 as Saturday 22nd September. When all bonus points earned will apply and unfortunately all penalty points will too!

We expect final day to fill up quickly and hope to have plenty of lines to accommodate all, so keep any eye on the time sheet. Please ensure you book in advance for dinner that evening directly with the Restaurant, as we will begin presentations at 9pm.

We look forward to seeing you all on the night & remember, if you haven’t played as much as you’d hoped this year – you have 4 more Saturdays to catch up!

Warm regards – Martina & Joe Hilliard

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