Care for our Course – Reminder

Members are reminded that “care for the course” is a shared responsibility and all members are requested to ensure, where possible, that they contribute to the overall effort of maintaining the course in the best possible condition.

To ensure this I would ask all members to note the following:-

Divot Mix Bags

The Club provides “sand bags” at the first and 10th holes and all members are requested to bring a bag of divot mix with them each time they play the course. Members will be aware that considerable damage is being caused to fairways in particular at this time of the year by failure to replace or fill divots with the sand mixture. This has been particularly noticeable over the past few weeks

Members should also be aware that there is a capacity issue in relation to sand bags at the 1st tee. Players starting later in the day are reminded that if no sand bags are in place on the 1st that they should collect a bag at the return point at the exit from the 18th green. These can be re-filled using the divot mix bunkers at the 1st and 10th.

I would also ask that members encourage their playing partners to also take a bag of divot mix with them.

Care for Greens – Putting Surface, Collars and Surrounds All members are reminded of the need to exercise due care and attention when playing the course. Members are requested to observe the following simple procedures to ensure greens and surrounding areas suffer the minimum stress:-

1. Repair all your pitch marks (and other nearby ones you may spot)
2. Do not take your trolley or buggy between the bunkers and the greens or onto the collars or surrounds of greens. This unnecessary traffic can cause significant damage to the turf cover of these areas which can take a long time to recover
3. Rake any bunker you play from and replace the rake fully in the bunker
4. Remind your playing partner(s) of these simple procedures if they seem unaware

This will significantly help ensure the course is maintained in the best possible condition.

Terry O’Neill
Course Convenor
15th February 2018

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