2017 Ladies 9 Hole Qualifying Handicap Matrix

You may be aware that the Ladies Course SSS (Standard Scratch Score) has changed from 74 to 75. As we play 9 Hole Qualifying Competitions in our Club, this has had an impact on our 9 Hole Qualifying handicap calculations.

We have generated new “Ready Reckoners” to allow you to select your correct handicap when playing 9 Hole Qualifying golf competitions. You will need to know your Exact Handicap when selecting your 9 Hole Qualifying handicap (you will find your Exact Handicap on the Handicap Board in the office in the locker room or you can also check Golfnet).

Ready Reckoners have been placed as follows:-

  1. On the 2nd board on the left in the ladies locker room office (just past the window).
  2. On the wall beside the swipe-in computer in the Pro shop.
  3. In the Ladies section of the Club website.


2017 9 Hole Qualifying Handicap Matrix

If you are interested in working out your own 9 Hole Qualifying Handicap, this is the calculation (as specified in CONGU Paragraph 22.3).

[Exact Handicap + Nine-Hole SSS – (Nine-Hole Par x2)] / 2

In Skerries our Nine Hole SSS is 75 and our Nine Hole Par is 34.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or any member of the Handicap Committee and we will be happy to help.

Ladies Handicap Committee


Skerries Golf Club is seeking a new Caterer

Skerries Golf Club, founded in 1905, with a championship 18 hole parkland golf course is located in the beautiful seaside town of Skerries and is just twenty minutes north of Dublin

Renowned for its warm welcome, hospitality and fine food.  Skerries Golf Club is currently seeking a new catering service provider who has the drive, capacity and ambition to deliver on current high standards.

Skerries Golf Club has a vibrant membership, a strong social scene throughout the year, together with many regular societies and regular golfing fixtures, the majority of which will require professional catering support.

If you would like to declare your expression of interest please email a cover letter outlining your experience and qualifications together with an up to date CV to: generalmanager@skerriesgolfclub.ie

Final date for expressions of interest:      Friday 4th August 2017.


Ladies Team Managers & Draw Sheets

Overall Team Manager – Sylvia Alcock

Junior Cup Handicap (9-15) – Hilda Cussen   2017 AIG East Leinster Junior Cup Drawsheet (ILGU)

Intermediate Cup Handicap (16-21) – Vivienne Donnelly & Mervyn Frazer    2017 AIG East Leinster Intermediate Cup Drawsheet (ILGU)

Senior Cup Handicap (N/A) – Maria O’Callaghan & Maura McNally

Minor Cup Handicap (22-27) – Pauline Gaughran    2017 AIG East Leinster Minor Cup Drawsheet (ILGU)

Challenge Cup  Handicap (28-36) – Jo McEvoy & Fionnuala Mooney    2017 AIG East Leinster Challenge Cup Drawsheet (ILGU)

Senior Foursomes Handicap (14 and below) – Margaret Swan & Mary Leonard   2017 Senior Foursomes Qualifying Draw (ILGU)

Junior Foursomes Handicap (15-30) – Fionnuala Early & Frances Bennett    2017 AIG East Leinster Junior Foursomes Draw (ILGU)

Miele Fourball Handicap (N/A) – Aisling Ryan

CAWS Cup Handicap (N/A) – Ciara Boylan

Fingal Seniors Handicap (19-36) – Marie Loughrey & Ann Lennon

Women in Golf Programme Handicap (N/A) – Lilly Mangan & Ann Ahern

Junior Convener – Elaine McGloughlin


Competition Tee Time Cancellation Policy

March 2017 Men’s Club


The main purpose of his policy is to ensure:

  1. That all members who wish to play golf on competition days get every opportunity to do so.
  2. That time slots have their full complement of players, particularly in fourball, foresomes and team competitions.

A player who fails to turn up for their reserved tee time without giving prior notification is preventing this from happening.


In the event that you do not show up for your tee time and your name has not been removed from the Timesheet, the Men’s Committee will be notified and appropriate action may be taken if deemed necessary.  The full fee will also be deducted from your account.

Competition time Sheets will close at 10pm from the 1st of March 2017.  If you have your name removed after the 10pm closing time by the Pro-shop, 40% of the fee will be deducted from your General Account.

Notification of Withdrawal

As a matter of courtesy, and as stipulated in the Bye-Laws of Skerries Golf Club players must notify their opposition and partner in good time if they are withdrawing from the sheet. (Reserving a time is a commitment to play with the other players in the same time slot).  Most of our members contacts details are available on the website / and or the back pages of the fixtures diary.

Waiting List:

If you have put your name on the waiting list for any competition, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you are aware of any Tee Time that you are subsequently allocated when on the waiting list.

The Competition Closing Time will be 10pm going forward and you will be notified of any tee time allocated to you, even last minute.

When your name is on the waiting list, the onus will still be on you to check the timesheet before you retire for the night to see if you have got a slot.  If when retiring you are still on the waiting list then you must make the decision to either remove your name from the waiting list or awake early the next morning to see if you have got a slot between the time of retiring to bed and the closure of the competition.

If you are allocated a tee time via the waiting list, then you are subject to all aspects of the cancellation policy, procedures and sanctions as outlined above.

Poor Weather:    Course Open

As can happen from time to time, Poor weather may prohibit play. The Following policy applies.

  • If the course remains open and you are on the timesheet, you have a responsibility to the other players on the line to turn up and play.
  • You must start your round at the stipulated Tee Time that you have booked on the Timesheet.
  • As per the rule of Golf, “Sheltering from weather is not permitted” and this includes sheltering in the Pro-Shop in the hope that a shower will pass.
  • If you have not “teed off” at your stipulated Tee Time, then you have forfeited your Tee Time.
  • You will not be able re-enter the timesheet or the competition later in the day if the weather clears.
  • You will be subject to the cancellation policy as outlined above.

Poor Weather:   Course Closed

Should the course be closed due to poor weather yet re-opens later in the morning then the following applies

  • The Timesheet will begin at the Time that the course re-opens
  • All times prior to re-opening will have been lost
  • Members who lost their official Tee Time, may put their names on the timesheet at a later time provided there is space to do so within the official Competition Time.


Complaints in relation to the failure of a player to turn up for their tee time, or in relation to the failure of a player to notify partners and opposition of withdrawal, or any other breaches of this policy should be addressed, in writing, to the Honorary Secretary.

Men’s Committee


Mens Competition Results for 16/07/2018

Mens 18 Hole Single Stableford

16 July 2018
CSS 72
Entry: 123
1st Oliver Kenny (H/Cap 16) 48 Pts     
Class 1
1st Gerard Curtis (H/Cap 23) 38 Pts Last 9   
2nd Joe Coleman (H/Cap 11) 38 Pts Last 3   
3rd Joseph Tuite (H/Cap 14) 38 Pts     
4th Gerard Murtagh (H/Cap 18) 36 Pts Last 9   

Class 2
1st Thomas Ryan (H/Cap 18) 44 Pts Last 9   
2nd Derek Riordan (H/Cap 19) 44 Pts     
3rd Laurence Sheils (H/Cap 16) 42 Pts     
4th Paul Connolly (H/Cap 16) 41 Pts     

Weather: Great golfing weather
Sponsor: Eric Monks, Joe Monks, Gerry Thornton

Mens Competition Results for 15/07/2018

Mens Lemass Trophy 18 Hole Single Strokes GOY

15 July 2018
CSS 73
Entry: 156
1st John P Kennefick (H/Cap 19) 69 Nett Last 9  
2nd Jim Lumsden (H/Cap 18) 69 Nett    
3rd T D O’Sullivan (H/Cap 13) 70 Nett Last 9  
Front 9 Jack Curran (H/Cap 15) 33.5 Nett    
Back 9 Peter Counihan (H/Cap 19) 31.5 Nett    
Kingsley Lewis (H/Cap 1) 72  
Class 1
1st Dara Griffin (H/Cap 10) 70 Nett    
2nd Tom McDonnell (H/Cap 8) 71 Nett Last 9  

Class 2
1st Philip McGloughlin (H/Cap 14) 72 Nett Last 9  
2nd Des Kelly (H/Cap 15) 72 Nett Last 9  

Class 3
1st Mick Goss (H/Cap 16) 71 Nett    
2nd Shane Coen (H/Cap 19) 72 Nett    

Class 4
1st Sean Carron (H/Cap 20) 72 Nett Last 9  
2nd Mark Flanagan (H/Cap 22) 72 Nett    

Mens 9 Hole Singles
  Insufficient Entry         

Entry: 9
Two’s Competition
Aaron Carroll on the 15 Hole  
Austin Gill on the 7 Hole  
James Hayden on the 2 Hole  
Brian Sherwin on the 2 Hole  
Celly Toye on the 2 Hole  
Kingsley Lewis on the 12 Hole  
Two’s Entry: 47
Weather: It Rained a Little

Mens Competition Results for 14/07/2018

Battersby Cup – 18 Hole Foursomes Strokes

14 July 2018

Entry: 106
1st Rhona Mulholland (H/Cap 40) 71 Nett Last 9   
  Seamus Mulholland (H/Cap 18)       
2nd Elizabeth Smith (H/Cap 22) 71 Nett     
  David Smith (H/Cap 18)       
3rd Nuala MacMahon (H/Cap 19) 72.5 Nett Last 9   
  Austin Gill (H/Cap 12)       
4th Ann Ahern (H/Cap 33) 72.5 Nett     
  Mick Ahern (H/Cap 2)       
Weather: Perfect Golfing Weather

Junior Competition Results for 12/07/2018

Junior 18 Hole Single Stableford

12 July 2018
CSS 72
Entry: 48
  Junior 18 Holes Single Stableford         
1 st. Ethan Shannon (H/Cap 28) 43 Pts     
  Junior 9 Holes Handicaps 29-40         
1 st. Sam Davidson (H/Cap 40) 28 Pts     
  Junior 9 Holes Handicaps 41-54         
1 st. Jeff Sexton (H/Cap 50) 34 Pts     
Weather: Dry cool/overcast

Mens Open Competition Results for 11/07/2018

Mens Open (Invitation) 18 Hole 4 Person Team

11 July 2018

Entry: 180
1st Paul Maher (H/Cap 6)      
1st Alan Sweeney (H/Cap 8)      
  Brendan Maher (H/Cap 10)      
  Eddie Maher (Castlerea) (H/Cap 18) 96 Pts    
2nd Desmond Hamill (H/Cap 6)  Pts    
  Andy Tolan (H/Cap 26)      
  Don. Kelly (H/Cap 18)      
  Liam McGinley (H/Cap 13) 95 Pts    
3rd Billy Concannon (H/Cap 12)      
  Anthony Martin (H/Cap 22)      
  Pat. Durkan (H/Cap 20)      
  Michael Metcalfe (H/Cap 19) 94 Pts    
Mens Open 9 Hole Singles
1st Ed Ryan (H/Cap 14) 23 Pts   20  

Entry: 20
Two’s Competition
Gerard Bradley on the 7 Hole  
Two’s Entry: 26
8 Visitors Played 
8 Clubs Represented
Weather: Perfect

Ladies Competition Results for 10/07/2018

Australian Spoons Greensomes

10 July 2018

Entry: 99
1st Elizabeth Smith (H/Cap 22) 44 Pts    
  Camilla Mcloughlin (H/Cap 26)      
Gross Lady Captain: Ciara Boylan (H/Cap 12) 24 Pts    
  Joanne Kinsella (H/Cap 12)      
2nd Joan O’ Brien (H/Cap 20) 42 Pts    
  Gene Carron (H/Cap 22)      
3rd Sheila McGloughlin (H/Cap 15) 40 Pts Last 9  
  Anne McGrath (H/Cap 32)      
  Some disqualifications for playing off incorrect handicap         
Ladies 9 Hole Singles
1st Caitriona Heyenga (H/Cap 38) 20 Pts Last 6 15  

2nd Chris Trehy (H/Cap 24) 20 Pts   12  

Entry: 23

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