Gross Medal of the Year 2017

The Final leg of the Gross Medal of the Year, the September Monthly Medal will take place next Sunday 24th September.

Because of the cancellation of the St. Patricks Cup in March, this competition kicked off with the April Monthly Medal and has been keenly contested along the way.   The only requirement for qualification is that competitors must have competed in 7 of the 12 GOY strokes competitions.  Eleven have now been completed and the top of the table looks like this:

Rank Player Total Rounds Average
    Score Played Score
1 Ahern, Mick 521 7 74.43
2 Lewis, Kingsley 543 7 77.57
3 O’Brien, John 545 7 77.86
4 McNally, Eddie 549 7 78.43
5 Byrne, Paul 549 7 78.43
6 Garrigan, David 551 7 78.71
7 Ward, David 562 7 80.29
8 Kenny, Peter 564 7 80.57
9 Daniels, Paul 484 6 80.67
10 Coleman, Martin 566 7 80.86


While this may at first glance appear to be a “done deal” given that Mick Aherne has a clear lead, Kingsley Lewis is not necessarily completely out of the picture.  If he can find the course record form of a few years ago and post a first ever Skerries Golf Club 59 he will be able to drop the 81 recorded in the June Medal and assuming that Mick doesn’t improve on his lowest score of 78 in the Holmpatrick Cup, this would leave both players tied on a score of 543.  If Kingsley can go even one better and record a 58 he may even win the trophy outright.  Suffice if to say however that Paddy Power are refusing to take bets on this one.

Second place is up for grabs and John O’Brien has some work to do to pass Kingsley given that he also has an 81 to discard.  Paul Byrne too may also have something to say on this.  An 86 in the Holmpatrick Cup may seem like a disadvantage, but if he can produce the form that we all know he can in next weeks finale, dropping the 86 for something in the 70’s could easily propel him into the silver medal position. (For the record, I don’t believe there is an actual Silver Medal for second place)

In all 121 players have completed 6 rounds or more at this stage in the competition and the full table of scores is available Table

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