Men’s Winter League 2018

The Winter League is Back.

Commencing January 6th and running every Saturday and Sunday until February 25th this takes in 8 weekends (16 competitions)

Competition Entry:  €5.00  (Total Value of entry is for the prizes/ Vouchers). Number of teams and number of players per team to be decided based on numbers entering the league.

Hopefully we can get 10 players per team x 10 Teams.

Players will be seeded as per their handicap class and a draw will then take place to determine the teams.

The best 5 Scores per team for each weekend will count. Should any one player play on both days at the weekend, only one of his scores can contribute to the team score.

Scoring format will be Singles Stableford, using the 9 hole winter cards based on half of your playing handicap. Competitors can play on either the Front or Back 9.

A time sheet is now open dated December 25th 2017, this is a dummy time sheet to allow you to enter into the competition. Last entry date into the Winter league is December 17th, no late entries will be accepted.


Competition entry: on time sheet dated December 25th 2017.

  1. Entry deadline is 6pm on Sunday December 17th.
  2. Teams will be decided on based on a draw and Handicap classes will be used to seed players.
  3. On completion of the draw for the teams €5.00 will be deducted from each player’s account.
  4. Every player must enter the 9 hole Winter League competition and the competition of the day.
  5. Every player Must return their card through the computer system (Scores not entered on the system will not be included in your team score.
  6. Should the course be un-playable on one of the days of a weekend, no scores will be recorded for that weekend.
  7. Competition will end on February 25th regardless of number of rounds played. (We may lose some days owing to weather conditions).
  8. Players have to have their yearly subscription paid in order to receive a prize.
  9. In the event of a tie, the winners will be decided based on a count back over the competitions:
  •      1st Count based on the total of the Final  weekends play
  •      2nd count Based on the total for last 4 weekends play
  •      3rd count based on the total for last 3 weekend play
  •      4th count based on the total for last 2 weekends play

Each weekends play referred to above is the total of the 5 scoring cards from each team for that weekend.


  • Team Prizes for 1st and 2nd places.
  • Individual prize for 1st and 2nd place.

Unfortunately this competition is not available to Junior or Juvenile members.

Competitions Committee

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