SKERRIES GOLF CLUB – 9 Hole Qualifying Competitions

The GUI has requested that all clubs consider having 9 holes Qualifying Competitions. These competitions were introduced by CONGU to enable players who do not have the time or who are unable to complete 18 Holes, to maintain a handicap which reflects their current playing ability.

9 Hole qualifying competitions are open to all players, but should not be a substitute for 18 Hole qualifying competitions.

The basis of these competitions is that an SSS is applied for the 9 Hole played and 18 stableford points are added for the 9 Holes not played. However, such 9 Hole Qualifying competitions cannot be facilitated at the same time as an 18 Hole competition.

With this in mind the competitions committee hope to facilitate a number of these competitions on a trial basis over the coming months. Initially a 9 Hole Qualifying competition will be scheduled for Wednesday May 16th from 17:00 to 19:00

The proposed schedule for the day will be:

18 Holes Team Rumble 07:00 -17:00
9 Holes Singles (Non Qualifying) 07:00 -17:00
9 Holes Singles QUALIFYING 17:00 -19:00
Two’s competition open to players entered in any of above 07:00 -19:00

A player cannot return two qualifying scores on same day.
Close off time for 9 Holes Singles Qualifying is needed to cater for results panel.
Sunset 21:19

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